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  • The Sheliak System
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    Beta Lyrae binary...
    ...the Sheliak Star System
    Owl Dancer...
    ...the Spirit of the Sheliak
    Everything is more 'fine' than one can possibly imagine..
    Owl Medicne
    Envision the elements of a future state worth living in...

    Einstein: "Try to become not a man of success, but try rather to become a man of value."

    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits."

    "If an idea does not sound absurd, then there is no hope for it."


    This website is intended to be a journey of exploration and discovery on the frontiers of both the ordinary and non-ordinary features of life, nature, and this grand and wondrous cosmos. Yet more properly it should be seen and experienced as an exploration of the nebulous but intriguing domain, that connects and binds those seemingly disparate and often polarized life features into one integrated whole. The journey that one might take here would be an uncommon walk through the labyrinth of perception and experience of one man's lifetime, who is at once quite ordinary and paradoxically uncommonly non-ordinary. This is one who has traveled the roads of both scientist and mystic, as well as one who is also on the 'fools' journey into that vast, magical, mysterious, alien, and uncharted territory that we all inhabit, and that we have been so generoulsy invited to play in...

    The site dedicated to exploring the many memes, attitudes, perspectives, and world views that are providing an expanding creative commentary on the evolutionary metamorphosis, cultural transformation, or paradigm shift now occurring on an unprecedented level worldwide. Whether one prefers the classical caterpillar-to-butterfly metamorphosis analogy, or the non-linear systems dynamics model of evolutionary metamorphosis, one should view our current personal, cultural, and planetary processes as being in their cocoon or chaotic phase, state, or stage. Newly forming Cells of an emergent stage, state, or paradigm are 'linking' and integrating into a greater and larger functioning 'organism', in order to serve the Good of an emergent paradigm and much Greater Whole.

    Paul Stamets - The Future is Fungi

    Psilocybin Grows New Brain Cells

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    <Planet Buddha - "A One-Way Journey Into the Rabbit Hole" > <Planet Buddha - "A Timewave Revisited" - John Sheliak>

    <Planet Buddha Article- "Novelty as an Imperative to Cosmic Evolution"> <Planet Buddha - "Addendum" - John Sheliak>

    Non-Ordinary Domain of Shaman  Philosopher, Visionary, and Mystic
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    Sub-Space Intersection of Science and the Non-Ordinary

    Portal into the Subspace Intersection
    Domain of Climate Science, Advanced Physics, Mathematics, and Cosmology
    Portal into Advanced Physics, Math, & Cosmology

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